Greggs at Cambuslang

December 2016 – Greggs Cambuslang –working with

800 plus m² reinforced power float finished concrete floor – watch our video on our FB page


Included slip membrane / A193 steel with flying ends / 75mm line spacers – All supplied by 

C32/40 Newton Concrete – supplied by


Pump services supplied by –  

Heavy duty Vis-queen laid at 300 laps over insulation

Setting & levelling the Isedio Armour Joints.

Shuttering in place for the loading bay doorways & armour joints.

Isedio Armour joints levelled & secured with C40 Newton Concrete

A193 mesh set at 300 laps on 75mm line spacers & fixed.

Setting up rest of bays.

Installation of concrete into bay 1

Concrete pump booming out into building

Starting the concrete finishing process

Panning the concrete using a Whitemans walk behind trowel

Further steps of the finishing process

The machines shown in the picture are a clipper & panner both used in the finishing process.

Concrete once polished

Bay 1 laid

Polishing bay 2 with Whiteman ride on trowel

Nearly there – bay 3 almost complete

Our men carrying out the process for induced saw cuts to the clients structural engineers specifications

Cleaning Process

Finished floor on leaving site.